Lay the Foundation for a Successful Construction Project

Hire our concrete contractors to install a foundation in or near Spokane, WA

Before you settle into your new home or business, before you open its doors for the first time and before you build it, you need a foundation. The concrete contractors at Harger Construction Inc. can install a foundation in any area within 10 miles of Spokane, WA.

We'll draw from more than 33 years of experience to create a durable foundation that supports your future building for years to come. Call a concrete contractor today for a free estimate on foundation installation services.

Find out about our other concrete services

Find out about our other concrete services

Would you like to install a concrete patio, driveway, sidewalk or other flat feature? We can provide concrete installation services.

We can also:

Install stamped or decorative concrete
Stain new or existing concrete
Install interior or exterior concrete

Plus, you can continue using all of your property, aside from the work site, while we work. Hire our team today to install a concrete patio or other feature without disrupting your routine.