Construct a Durable Frame for Your Building

Choose our timber frame construction services in the Spokane, WA area

Are you planning to build your dream house in or near Spokane, WA? Your home will need a well-built frame to be as beautiful and structurally stable as possible. You can turn to Harger Construction Inc. for wood frame construction services.

Our team based in Spokane, WA can:

Plan your frame in 3D with AutoCAD
Adjust your 3D plan according to your specifications
Schedule timber frame construction at your convenience
Build your frame with modern timber

To find out more about our wood frame construction services, call 208-651-7620 now. You can also arrange for a free consultation.

Find out about our other services

Find out about our other services

In addition to timber frame construction services, you can hire us for additional services, including gable installation services. With more than 33 years of experience, we're prepared for a variety of timber projects. Email a local contractor today to ask about our additional services. We'll gladly provide more information and free estimates.